Bts dating rumors

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BTS VTae Hyung and a Fan Girl's Dating Rumors

A few days ago, BANNED SOURCE posted an article about an entertainment insider who spilled the deets about our faves.

PANN 170320 this is the BTS member who is in a fiery relationship.

Since no other english speaking site has translated the orinal post yet and BANNED SOURCE is well, banned, i messaged (known for exposing the fake netizen comments that the now banned user flopday posted in the now deleted CLC post) and asked for help.

PANN 170320 this is the <em>BTS</em> member who is in a fiery relationship.

BTS V and AOA Mina fake Dating Rumors – sparkling

I really wanted to get this post up because i know how much OMONA loves gossip but I don't speak korean.

Korean comedian Lee Guk-joo Dating an Idol, Know about her.

#flop tried her best to translate the orinal rumors but some of them contained slang words that she did not know so this is not a 100% perfect translation.

Bts dating rumors:

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